Twin/Sister Cities

Spencer Smith Cherry Trees

For over 25 years Burlington has had a Mundialization Committee in place that has twinned cities in the belief that peaceful cooperation builds trust and appreciation of people’s different cultures.

Spencer Smith Cherry Trees

Burlington is a World Community

In 1984, a Mundialization Committee of volunteer citizens was formed in Burlington to pursue twinning with another country.  A by-law was passed in 1985 to declare Burlington a “World Community” dedicated to international cooperation (mundialization) and that the City of Burlington, as part of its Mundialization program, proceed to undertake a twinning program with a municipality in another country, and to fly the United Nations flag with the Canadian flag from City Hall at all times.

On May 12, 1989, Mayor Bird signed a twinning agreement with Mayor Kurihara of Itabashi, Japan.

On May 6, 2005, Mayor MacIsaac signed a twinning agreement with Mayor de Graaf of Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Burlington celebrates our twinning with Itabashi, Japan and Apeldoorn, Netherlands by hosting a variety of events to connect you to these cities.

Crowd at Netherlands Friendship Day event to celebrate twinning with Apeldoorn

Itabashi, Japan

ln May of 1989 the City of Burlington signed a twinning agreement with the City of Itabashi, Japan. Since that time various exchanges and programs have been carried out between ltabashi and Burlington and relations between the cities have flourished on all levels. In return for the City of Burlington naming a road in Burlington “Itabashi Way”, the City of Itabashi donated the Itabashi Bridge to the city.

1999 marked the 10th anniversary of the twinning relationship and to honour this event Burlington received a fabulous waterfront fireworks display as a gift from Itabashi. Over 120 Itabashi visitors celebrated the twinning anniversary display along with close to 200,000 local residents. The City of Burlington marked the 10th anniversary by sending a delegation to Itabashi where our gift to Itabashi, the Friendship clock, was unveiled. 2009 marked the 20th anniversary of this twinning relationship and Burlington hosted guests from Itabashi in June 2009, during the Sound of Music Festival.

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

The City of Burlington signed an official twinning agreement on May 6, 2005, in Apeldoorn.  The Apeldoorn Mayor presented the citizens of Burlington with “Louise”, a piece of landscape furniture artwork as a sign of Apeldoorn’s commitment to the twinning. The City of Burlington presented a piece of original artwork entitled Jacob’s Creek, by Burlington artists Marian Cole and Elizabeth Pudsey, as a sign of friendship and commitment to the twinning relationship. Jacob’s Creek is a magnificent quilt with five mixed-media paintings.

Entering into this twinning relationship is the culmination of the two cities working together for 10 years with the support of a grassroots organization of Burlington residents with ties to Apeldoorn and The Netherlands.  During this time both cities participated in a number of sports and cultural exchanges, as well as informal discussions.  Exchanges have included a contingent of young athletes from Apeldoorn who participated in the Burlington International Games and a group of students from Nelson High School attending an International Youth Conference in Apeldoorn.

Crowd at Netherlands Friendship Day event to celebrate twinning with Apeldoorn

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S.A.

After years of Burlington Teen Tour Band’s participation in Can-Am Days events during March Break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a Sister City/friendship affiliation was signed in 1992.  Activities between the cities have focused primarily on sport and culture and involved participation in the Burlington International Games, the Sound of Music Festival and the Teen Tour Band visits.   Myrtle Beach has also supported a number of Burlington events including the Mayor’s Golf Tournament, the Burlington Teen Tour Band Booster Golf Tournament and A Taste of Burlington by arranging contests and prize packages.

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