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Pickle Stories

May 2013

Hello! My name is Shelby; I am a co-op student from MM Robinson High School, currently working at Tourism Burlington for six months. Last week an exciting event took place here at the Visitor Information Centre! A family from the U.K. visited us for some information on Burlington. They are planning on moving here soon! The family consisted of a mother, father, and daughter age 15 and son age 5. I really enjoyed speaking to them as it was very interesting to hear how things are so different in the U.K. than they are here. For example the teenage daughter was telling us how she is currently in Year 10 at her school. This sounded strange to me because, of course I am used to grades rather than years. But after some research I found out she would be in grade 10 in Burlington if she were to attend high school here. The family stayed for awhile and I spoke with them about different events in Burlington, places to visit and more! The teenage girl asked us if we had any books on different colleges in Ontario, as she was interested in studying Photography after she graduated high school. She was also interested in learning more about the high school I attend, MM Robinson. Although Tourism Burlington does not carry college books, I knew that my high school, MM Robinson had plenty of college books available for students to take. I told the teenage girl that I would be happy to drop off some college books for her at Creekside Bed & Breakfast where she and her family were staying, as well as some information on my school such as course descriptions and a registration form in case she does decide to come to MM Robinson. This news brought a smile to the girl’s face and she thanked me. Knowing that I am helping her out and bringing a smile to her face, proceeds to bring a smile to mine as well!

December 2011

There once was a gal named Pat,
Who throws out the welcome mat,
With Keith her son,
Our hearts have won,
If you stay long enough, you’ll get fat!   

“Dear Pat.  (owner of Murphy’s Manor B&B)
It was a real pleasure to meet you.   You went way beyond to make us feel comfortable at a time when it was really needed.  Your home is lovely, but nothing compared to you.  You make it special because you are special! We will definitely be back.  Your home is beautiful and your touches did not go unnoticed.  Thank you so much! ”   Brian and Susan Smith.   Orillia Ontario

September 2011

“Dear Flora and Joe, (owners of Heart of Burlington Bed and Breakfast)
Probably you will not remember us but we stayed with you only one night on Sept 12. It was our first night arriving from Europe and we spent 14 wonderfull days hereafter in your fantastic Canada. Finally we would again like to thank you for your hospitality and fantastic breakfast we had. It was truly the best of all 12 B&Bs we stayed !! “Pieter and Anneke, Netherlands

May 2010

A trainer was using rooms in the Holiday Inn and found the lighting at the trainers table a little dim. The porter Mike proceeded to secure a task light. He was unable to find a suitable lamp in the facility, so he drove home and came back with his own light.  On the last day of the course Mike told the trainer that when he came back to do another session to call the hotel and he would bring the light back. Congratulations Mike for winning a Pickle Prize donated by the Waterfront at Downtown Burlington.
A man checked in to the Holiday Inn hotel and then realized he should have been at the Oakville hotel. Front desk checked him back out, but he left some books behind. After her shift, Dawn drove the books over to the Oakville Holiday Inn for him. For going above and beyond Dawn receives a Pickle Award donated by Tourism Burlington.

November 2009

A guest at the Holiday Inn came to the Front Desk upset during a function that there were no longer any parking spaces available. Marianne took the liberty of taking the guest outside and moving her own vehicle across the street to make a space available for this guest. Great Job Marianne, you receive a pickle prize donated by Tourism Burlington.

July 2009

On a very busy night in the Holiday Inn, a disabled woman in a wheel chair was finding it hard to get around in the hotel. Jessica one of our front desk staff was so kind to help her through the busy hallways and into the crowded bathroom and even stayed with the lady, assisting her in the bathroom to ensure the lady felt safe and comfortable. For going above and beyond and being so caring Jessica has won a Pickle Prize donated by Tourism Burlington.

July 4, 2008

PP Taste SaladA resident had friends visiting from Germany and they decided to explore Toronto on their own using public transit.  They took Burlington Transit to the Go Station and were warmly welcomed when they boarded the bus by driver William Wilson.  The connection was tight so when they approached the Go Station, the bus driver parked, led them inside the station, showed them where to purchase tickets and pointed them to the track they had to take and held the door for them while waving goodbye.  This small gesture of kindness made their day and vacation to Canada unforgettable and made the resident proud to be living in Burlington.  As a thank you for sending in this letter Linda Arnold receives passes to the RBG and William the driver receives a Tourism Burlington golf shirt.
A local resident and a regular patron of Paradiso Restaurant was looking for a birthday party idea for his 10 year old daughter.  This young lady has an interest in cooking and so Dad called Paradiso, on a Sunday afternoon of a long weekend and only one week prior to the birthday, hoping that the restaurant would accommodate them.  Not only did they fulfill his request for a private kids cooking experience, they catered the menu to accommodate the girls and offered it at lunch not their usual scheduled time.  The girls got recipes to take home, a personal visit from the chef, and they along with the adult chaperones, left full and happy.  Kudos to Paradiso, they win a pickle prize donated by RBG.

May 9, 2008

Holy Cannoli!  Now we know that Burlington has some hidden gems where you can find delicacies but it is nice when this is reinforced by our visitors.  A couple from Oregon on their way to Niagara Falls recently stopped into the Visitor Centre and Pane Fresco for a cannoli.  They enjoyed this pastry so much that on their way back from Niagara to Toronto they stopped in again as they had a craving for another!

February 29, 2008

In the past week the Holiday Inn has had 2 guests that left their credit cards behind.  One guest left it at the front desk, and Cherisse tracked down the guest at work and then offered to drive over to the company and hand deliver it back to the desk.  The other guest left their card in the restaurant and was with a team who was playing in Hamilton at Copps Coliseum then leaving on a bus to Syracuse.  Brenda from the restaurant actually drove the credit card over to the arena after her shift to assure that the guest had the credit card back before they left for New York.  For giving this great customer service Brenda and Cherisse received a pickle prize donated by Bronte Creek Provincial Park and the RBG.

February 15, 2008

Recently the first Time Out sports networking session was hosted by the Hilton Garden Inn.  They not only sponsored the breakfast but their staff really got into the theme of things by decorating the meeting room with sports jerseys and equipment.  For showing enthusiasm and great customer service we are pleased to award a pickle prize to Tim, Ron & Steve donated by IKEA and Performing Arts Burlington.

November 9, 2007

Murphy’s Manor had guests from England staying with them who were traveling across the country and comments about their stay here in Burlington. “The welcome that you gave into your home was simply first class, your welcome made us feel like we had known you for years, everything about your B&B hit the right note with us, the welcome, your hospitality, the comfort of your rooms & the breakfast 10/10. We shall return to Canada again, if we are in Toronto we will make you the first on our list.” Congratulations Pat Murphy for receiving a pickle prize package donated by Museums of Burlington.

September 28, 2007

ChippyHere is a great example of the economic impact of visitors on our local business. Over the summer Creekside B&B were contacted by a couple that were getting married in the city. The groom was originally from Tillsonburg and the bride from England. When asked why they chose Burlington as a location they replied they wanted to have a holiday as well and Burlington is well placed to visit the local area attractions. They researched wedding locations and decided on the beautiful setting of the RBG for the ceremony. From there Creekside helped the couple locate additional accommodations for guests at local hotels and B&B’s, a local photographer, florist, limo service, restaurant to have pre-wedding dinners, a location for the wedding reception and even went so far as purchasing champagne on behalf of guests unable to attend for the happy couple. For this extraordinary customer service Steve and Lin from Creekside will receive a pickle prize donated by The Romance Collection Gallery and the Holiday Inn Burlington.

August 17, 2007

The Winnipeg Jets Football Team was staying at the Holiday Inn and the offensive Co-ordinator needed to make very specific photocopies. Since the team came in on a bus this gentleman had no way of getting these copies done. Cherisse actually drove the gentleman to Staples and assisted him in the copies then returned him back to the hotel. Way to Go Cherisse! You receive a prize donated by Bell Canada.

June 22, 2007

A conference organizer from Calgary was arriving ahead of her group to plan a weekend conference and inquired to the Sales Coordinator at Hilton Garden/Homewood Suites if they received the TV show Grays Anatomy and if so, what time did it air here. When she was advised of the time she was going to be in the air and would miss the show. The Sales Coordinator took the liberty of taping the show that night and returned to the hotel to the guests awaiting room, set up a player on her TV and wished her ‘happy watching’ when the guest arrived later in the night. The guest was ‘blown away’ by the service……now this is hospitality!  For going above and beyond a Pickle prize donated by Sauna for Life, is awarded to April Horrigan.

June 8, 2007

The Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel and Conference Centre had a pickle of a weekend! They unexpectedly were host to a number of passengers and crew grounded in the area due to delayed flights. Their staff team pulled together to serve meals after the restaurant was closed, shuttle passengers to other hotels, worked double shifts to accommodate extra guests and filled in where extra help was required in order to make a stressful situation for the guests a little more pleasant.

May 11, 2007

A large group of seniors arrived for lunch at Canyon Creek Chophouse. While they were having lunch the weather had turned quite nasty outside. The wind was blowing and the ice and snow were pelting down, covering all vehicles. By the time the group was ready to leave, each of their cars had been cleaned of all snow and ice and were ready for them just to get in and go. Even the seniors who had difficulty walking in the weather were helped into their cars and seen safely off. When those two managers came in from the cold, they were wet and frozen, but looked like a couple of kids who had just been out building a snowman.  Congratulations to Canyon Creek Chophouse whose two managers have won a pickle prize donated by Conservation Halton and RBG.

April 13, 2007

A pickle prize donated by the RBG is being awarded to Steve and Lin of Creekside B&B. They have hosted a family three times over the past year who were interested in immigrating to Canada. During their various stays Steve and Lin helped arrange tours of local schools, brought the family along to Christmas parties, met them at the airport and to the rental car agency, helped them shop for household items and even lent them items for their new home now that they are here to stay. Now that is exceeding expectations!

March 16, 2007

Here is an excerpt from a poem written by visitors from London, England to Pat at Murphy’s Manor B&B. “So now our stay is over, and Murphy’s Law’s rewritten, Because everything was perfect, You should try it – You’ll be smitten.”  Congratulations to Pat for winning a pickle prize donated by the Museums of Burlington.

March 2, 2007

One night this past month it was extremely busy at the outdoor ice rink at the Waterfront when a group of 40 cub scouts showed up. Needing extra help, the waterfront ambassador asked the ice operator and maintenance person if they would help with the crowd. They put on their customer service hats and were a huge help in providing supervision and support to our ambassador and our visitors.  For giving ’em a pickle, Joe Shuker and Mike Taylor receive complimentary day passes to Conservation Halton.

February 16, 2007

Alana from the Holiday Inn had a guest came to the desk frantic that the gift shop was closed for the evening (it was 11:30 pm). He needed solution for his contacts that were very dry and irritating his eyes. Since the guest was on business and took a taxi from the airport, Alana drove to the 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart to buy the guest solution. Alana is the winner of a pickle prize donated by Conservation Halton and Seville Roe Guesthouse.

February 2, 2007

Give ’em a Pickle! – Cherisse from the Holiday Inn Burlington got a call from a gentleman from the states who was extremely lost. Cherisse stayed on the phone with the guest for nearly an hour and a half from the US border to the Hotel to ensure the guest made it without incident. The guest was so thankful that he praised Cherisse to everyone the next morning.