Family around campfire roasting marshmallows with tent and table in background

There are a number of camping options available in Burlington and surrounding areas for those who enjoy immersing themselves in nature.

Conservation Areas & Provincial Park

Bronte Creek (with its camper entrance off Bronte Rd.) has 144 electric service campsites, and 3 yurts (soft-walled cabins) and operates seasonally. Alternatively, you can camp at Kelso and Rattlesnake Point – both are Conservation Halton parks.  Kelso offers 19 pristine campsites located throughout the park that are available by reservation.  Each of these campsites is unserviced and is large enough to accommodate group camping.  At Rattlesnake point, 18 spacious group sites are available.  Some of which can accommodate up to 60 people.  Winter camping can also be enjoyed at this location.  In the Hamilton area, you can camp seasonally at Fifty Point Conservation Area or year-round at Valens Conservation Area.

Private Campgrounds

There are several private campgrounds in the area including Toronto West KOA (Campbellville west of Milton)Milton Heights Campground, and Nor-Halton Park.

Learn to Camp Program

During the overnight Learn to Camp workshops, participants get on-the-(camp)ground schooling in campsite, campfire and camp-stove set-up, food preparation and storage, campsite safety and cleanliness and last but not least, how to have fun in the great outdoors. This program is available at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

Camping Partners

Camping Partners

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