Wayfinding signage on lakeshore rd before visitor information centre

Helpful information on parking availability and regulations in Burlington.

Wayfinding signage on lakeshore rd before visitor information centre

Visitor Centre Parking

There is free 20 minute parking available in the parking garage at 414 Locust St. where the visitor centre is located in downtown Burlington. Spaces are reserved on the first level of the garage for visitors and are clearly marked.  NOTE:  there are also vehicle charging stations in the garage see below for more details.

RV and Bus Parking/Unloading

Loading/unloading zone for buses is located on the south side of Elgin St. between Locust and Burlington Ave. in front of the Performing Arts Centre.  RV’s and buses may park temporarily in the commercial loading zone on the east side of Locust St. in front of the visitor information centre if they are visiting us looking for tourist information.  Please contact us if you require additional parking.

Visitors with Disabilities

Burlington strives to be an accessible city for travellers with special needs.  Refer to page for further information on services for visitors with disabilities.

Downtown Parking

Special Bonus Minute Parking – Residents or visitors parking in a municipal lot or on street spot in downtown Burlington will get an extra 90 minutes of parking added to the time they pay for parking. Burlington City Council approved this initiative as a Pilot Project to temporarily amend Parking By-law 39-2016, effective Dec. 1, 2020. The program will run until April 20, 2021.  This initiative is supported by the Burlington Downtown Business Association to encourage people to visit retailers in Downtown Burlington and support small businesses during these unprecedented times.

How to get the bonus 90 minutes of parking:

  1. Park in an on-street spot or in any municipal lot
  2. Pay at machine or using HonkMobile app. The minimum payment is $0.25.
  3. An additional 90 bonus minutes will be added to the time you pay for.
  4. If your time expires, including the additional 90 bonus minutes and you wish to stay longer to shop or eat, you can extend your time by paying for more parking using HonkMobile app, credit, or inserting more money into the machine, up to three hours on street and all day in lots.

There is ample parking in Burlington available in 11 public and several private lots conveniently located throughout the downtown.  The public lots (marked with green P) and pay machines on the main streets require payments from 9 am until 6 pm and there is a 3 hour on street parking maximum. Parking is free downtown after 6 pm weekdays and on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.  Visit the city website for more information including a interactive downtown parking map.  Note the Waterfront lots (Spencer’s,/Discovery Landing) do have a fee.

City Parking Regulations

The City of Burlington enforces a 5 hour parking limit on city streets outside of the downtown. If you have visitors coming to your residence who need to park on the street for more than 5 hours, contact parking services for an exemption to this limit at 905.335.7816 or 905.335.7844 after-hours.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

For visitors to Burlington using electric vehicles there are a number of charging stations located throughout the city including several located in the parking garage at 414 Locust St on the Floors 1 & 6.  There is no fee to charge a vehicle in this location, however the city’s parking rates ($1.75/hour) will continue to apply.  Refer to the CAA listing for other charging locations.  For more information about electric vehicles in Burlington check the city webpage.

Bike Racks

The City has numerous bike racks located in the downtown including a covered area in the parking garage attached to the visitor centre and numerous Ontario by Bike (welcome cyclist) locations.  Take a spin in Burlington.