Historic Churches

St. Luke's Anglican Church in winter

Burlington Ontario has several lovely historic churches which you can visit and join in their church services.

St. Luke's Anglican Church in winter



Knox Presbyterian Church

461 Elizabeth Street, Burlington 905 333.3013

Year built: 1845
Church services: Sunday 10:30 am

History: In 1845 Andrew Gage (the son of Burlington’s founder, James Gage) donated a swath of land, in order to facilitate the construction of a church. The initial structure was very small and by 1877 a larger church was needed. Consequently, the original church was moved to the back of the lot, in order to serve as a Sunday school. Later, the two structures were bricked and attached. The current structure boasts 12 unique stained glass windows imported from Scotland.

Nelson United Church

2437 Dundas St. West, Burlington 905 335.9394

Year built: 1859
Church services: Sunday  11:00 am

Nelson United’s history extends back to the first settlers in Nelson Township, which is the present day city of Burlington. In 1809 Moses McCay, received the patent to 200 acres of land, and in 1830 he sold one acre to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  At this time, a small frame church with a gallery was built.  In 1854, David Springer bought 100 acres and sold half an acre to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  In 1859, the current stone church was built, and one year later a Sunday school was built to meet the needs of the expanding congregation.


Holy Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church

419 Pine Street, Burlington 905-634-6598

Year built: 1861

Church services: Sunday 9:00 am in Ukrainian, 10:30 am in English


Lowville United Church

5800 Guelph Line, Burlington 905 335.0911

Year built: 1872
Church services: Sunday 9:30 am

Joseph Colling, the first farmer in the Lowville area, donated his land to the church in 1846. Prior to the construction of the church, services were held in a school on the north-east corner of Britannia Road and Guelph Line, and in a frame building on the present site, which was later replaced with the current brick structure.  At that time it was named the Colling Church, and in 1855, it became the Lowville Wesleyan Methodist Church.  It became one of 25 churches in the Nelson circuit. The present church was built in 1872 from orange bricks from the Bronte area.

Paroisse Saint Philippe Roman Catholic Church

472 Locust St. Burlington L7S 1V1 905 634.1743


Year Built:  1875

Church Services:  Saturday 7pm & Sunday 9 and 11 am Masses, French only

Built in 1875 by James Cushie Bent, this church was purchased in 1968 by the Roman Catholic Church to serve the local francophone congregation as the Église Saint-Philippe. The church blends a simple Gothic revival style – evident in the Gothic-arched windows and door – with an Italianate square tower with bull’s-eye windows.

St. John’s Anglican Church

2464 Dundas Street, RR #1

Burlington, Ontario L7P 0S8 905-336-5164

Year Built:  1839

Services: Sunday


This is the second oldest Anglican Church in Burlington, was founded in 1835 though worship has taken place in the present building since 1839. Though St.  Luke’s, Wellington Square was established in 1834, the people who had settled in the Nelson area found that travelling to the more southerly parish over the rough and muddy roads was inconvenient at best. Joseph Ireland, William Spence and John Wettenhall successfully petitioned the Bishop of Quebec (who spent half of each year in Toronto) for a local church. In 1835 the first service was held in an old schoolhouse which was located near the present rectory building.