Rock Climbing

Climber scaling rock face at Conservation Halton Park

For people who love a good challenge, rock climbing can be a great activity in all seasons. Burlington offers challenging areas for outdoor climbing as well as an indoor climbing centre for all skill levels.

Climber scaling rock face at Conservation Halton Park

Outdoor Climbing

Conservation Halton

  • Rattlesnake Point: With three designated climbing areas and over 200 routes, climbers have the opportunity to take on challenging cliffs and enjoy the beautiful views. Instructional and recreational climbing is available.
  • Mount Nemo: Another gorgeous spot to rock climb is Mount Nemo, with 200-plus routes, climbers will never get bored here.

Climbers need to have helmets, shoes, harnesses, ropes, and other safety equipment to ensure safe climbing.

Indoor Climbing

Climber’s Rock offers a variety of options including bouldering and high ropes, perfect for both people who are just starting to climb or those who are more advanced. The benefits of indoor rock climbing include getting a great workout no matter the weather, learning about climbing safety, and working with instructors to improve your ability. Rookies to the sport can book an introductory lesson with a professional and become a member of the gym if they can’t get enough. Shoes and other supplies are available for rent; visit their website for more information.

Four climbers posing for camera in front of rock face at Rattlesnake Point