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Rainy Days? It’s time to play, in Burlington.

April 8, 2024

Rain, rain, sprinkle away, in Burlington there is lots of places to play. Below is our guide for some fun inside. No need to wait, for a better outdoor state, when we have what you need for your day to be great.

Break a Sweat:

Looking to infuse some physical activity to your visit? Look no further than B Town Courts. They offer bookable basketball courts for those looking to show off their lay-ups and 3-pointers or pickleball courts for those who are embracing the recent craze. If you’re longing to tee off, Far Away Green’s indoor simulator offer the perfect space to keep your skills sharp and experience golf during those gloomy rainy days. For an equally sharp experience, Bad Axe Throwing will have you not only practicing your aim but releasing any bad energy you gathered through the winter. Those looking for fun for the whole family, nothing beats a good old evening of bowling! Visit Burlington Bowl for 5-pin and 10-pin bowling or bowl a strike at Spiltsville’s bowling lanes. 

Game your Day Away:

Alongside bowling, at Splitsville you can also enjoy arcade games and laser-tag onsite, making it great stop for groups with a wide range of interests. If you are travelling with gamers, you can face zombies or search for new worlds at Zero Latency Games, Burlington’s stop for free-roam VR games. For those looking for inworld adventures, jump, climb and problem-solve your way through each challenge room at Activate. End off your day slowing things down with a bubble tea and boardgame at Nostalgia Games Café.

Grab a bite:

Rainy days in Burlington, bring their own charm, especially when it comes to discovering cozy spots to enjoy a meal. From warm coffee shops to delightful restaurants, Burlington’s culinary scene is ready to transform any drizzly day into an opportunity for comfort and taste.

Start your rainy day right with a visit to Lola’s Choco bar and sweet house, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods fills the air. Nestle into a cozy corner with a book, or watch the rain patter against the windows as you enjoy a warm beverage and a slice of homemade cake. For those seeking comfort in the form of a hearty meal, District Kitchen and Bar offers a cozy ambiance with a menu that features dishes that warm the soul. From Smoked Baby Back Ribs to their Chipotle Hawaiian Burger, there’s something to satisfy any appetite. Or, explore the flavours of the world without leaving Burlington. Sample authentic dishes at Nisi Greek Tavern for a hearty gyro or sweet baklava, or head to Ben Thanh for fried rice and Thai curry that will spice up any rainy day.

But what goes best with rainy days? Soups of-course! Janina Soup Company is a cherished small business nestled in Burlington, Ontario, specializing in handcrafted artisanal soups. At Janina Soup Company, each soup is a masterpiece of flavour, crafted with the freshest local ingredients and a dash of love. From classic recipes to innovative creations, their menu offers a variety of options to satisfy any palate. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty beef stew, a creamy vegetable puree, or something exotically delightful, Janina’s has got you covered.

Learn something new:

For curious minds eager to learn something new, Joseph Brant Museum’s Worlds of the Night and uncover what’s a buzz in the animal kingdom while the rest of the world has settled in for sleep. For a more visual experience, stop off at the Art Gallery of Burlington to explore the world through the eyes of artist Jagdeep Raina in their exhibit Destroyer (open April14)  or through Curator Suzanne Morisette’s curated exhibit How Can I Know. If exploring your senses has left you with a need to ground yourself, head to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a walk through their Mediterranean garden and pause to admire Nature’s Superheroes in the winter exhibit on until April 21.  

Stay a While:

With so much to do its impossible to pick just one activity to occupy your weekend! Why choose? Book a stay at one of Burlington’s hotels and supercharge your weekend! You can book your stay here and tag us in all your adventures on Instagram (@tourismburlington)