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Fishing off dock at Mountsberg lake

Go FISH!  For many people, nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the edge of a creek or lake, listening to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the shore and casting a line into the cool waters.

Fishing off dock at Mountsberg lake

Fishing Locations

Click the links below to see fishing locations in specific areas:

Royal Botanical Gardens Fishway

RBG’s Fishway is protecting native species and their wetland habitats.  The Fishway is located at the mouth of the Desjardins Canal – where Cootes Paradise Marsh flows into Hamilton Harbour. Its design keeps invasive Common Carp out of the marsh but allows water and native fish to move between the two bodies of water.  See the RBG website for the location and more information.

Fishway demonstration by RBG with group watching


Conservation Halton Parks

You can enjoy shoreline, fly and non-motorized boat fishing at Conservation Halton parks. Reel in a rainbow or brown trout, northern pike, bass, perch and other great-tasting pan fish. Contact this number: 905.336.1158 for more information.

Remember a valid Ontario Fishing License is required for those 18 years of age and over and Ontario Fishing regulations apply.

Couple in Paddle Boat Kelso

Grindstone Creek From the Burlington Bay estuary upstream to Waterdown, the lower reaches of Grindstone Creek provide fishing opportunities for resident fish species such as smallmouth bass and migratory species such as rainbow trout, lake-run brown trout, chinook salmon and white sucker. Northern pike, black crappie, white bass, white *perch and brown bullhead are commonly angled from the estuary.   Above the Escarpment, the fish community is dominated by forage fish species such as creek chub and white sucker. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and pumpkinseed may also be found.  The Hayesland Swamp, located upstream of 5th Concession West, forms the headwaters of Grindstone Creek. This wetland offers a warm water fishery for species such as largemouth bass, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, brown bullhead and carp.

Sixteen Valley Conservation Area– Located in the lower reaches of Sixteen Mile Creek, this small park offers angling opportunities for resident smallmouth bass and seasonal angling opportunities for rainbow trout and white sucker (spring) and chinook salmon (fall).

Location: Located between Trafalgar Road and Bronte Road, and between Burnhamthorpe Road and Britannia Road. From Bronte Road (Highway 25) follow Lower Base Line east to 4th Line, go north for a short distance and follow the signs to the park entrance.

Carlisle Conservation Area – Fishing opportunities are generally restricted to pumpkinseed, creek chub and white sucker. Northern pike and brown trout may also be angled in the slow-moving waters.

Location: Located east of Breezy’s Corners – follow Carlisle Road east from Highway 6 and turn right on Centre Rd. The park entrance is on the right.

Sixteen Mile Creek – The lower reaches of the Sixteen Mile Creek, downstream from Milton, provide fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass and migratory species such as rainbow trout, lake-run brown trout, chinook salmon and white sucker. Upstream from Milton to the Kelso Reservoir, a resident brown trout population provides angling opportunities throughout the spring and summer months. Adult rainbow trout (steelhead) are present here in the spring during spawning. Juvenile rainbow trout can also be caught prior to their downstream migration to Lake Ontario. It is recommended that these fish be released to return as adults. Upstream of the Kelso Reservoir, the West Branch splits into a network of tributaries that arise in headwater wetlands above the Niagara Escarpment. Brook trout are found in several of these tributaries.

Campbellville Conservation Area– Formerly stocked with trout, angling opportunities in this small pond are restricted to pumpkinseed, creek chub and white sucker.

Location: In Campbellville on the southwest corner of Guelph Line and Campbellville Road.

Kelso Conservation Area – Fish the reservoir for rainbow and brown trout, large and smallmouth bass, black crappie, yellow perch and pumpkinseed. Fish from the shore or a non-motorized boat. Downstream from the dam, adult rainbow trout (steelhead) can be caught through late spring. Address: 5234 Kelso Road, Milton, Ontario.  Call 905.878.5011 for more information.

Hilton Falls Conservation Area – Fish the reservoir from shore for largemouth bass which may exceed 5 lbs. No boating is allowed in the reservoir. Brook trout can be caught in the tributaries of Sixteen Mile Creek which flows through the park.

Address: 4985 Campbellville Road, Milton, Ontario. Call 905.854.0262 for more information. Location: From Highway 401, take Highway 25 north to Campbellville Road; go west to Tremaine Road.  Go south until you reach Kelso Road.  Turn right to the park entrance.  From Dundas St. (Highway 5), take Tremaine Road north to Kelso Road.  Turn left to the park entrance. Call 905.878.5011 for more information.

Mountsberg Conservation Area – This site is an anglers mecca for largemouth bass with fish hitting the scales at more than 5 lbs. The shallow weedy waters of the reservoir also include northern pike, black crappie, pumpkinseed and brown bullhead. Fish from shore or non-motorized boats.

Address: 2259 Millburough Line, Campbellville, Ontario.  Call 905.854.2276 for more information. Location: From Highway 401 go south on Guelph Line.  Turn west on Campbellville Road for 4 km and then go north on Millburough Line for 1 km to the park entrance. From Highway 6 or Guelph Line, follow Campbellville Road to Millburough Line and then go north for 1 km to the park entrance. Call 905.854.2276 or 905.854.4342 for more information.

Robert Edmondson Conservation Area – (formerly Burns CA) Originally stocked with trout, this small pond in the headwaters of the Bronte Creek watershed provides an excellent venue for family fishing. A boardwalk at the south end of the pond provides angling access for physically challenged persons and picnic areas are available. Largemouth bass and pumpkinseed (sunfish) provide consistent action during the summer months. Although most largemouth bass are small (less than a pound), some as high as three pounds have been angled.

Location: Northwest of Campbellville at Twiss Road and No.10 Side road.  From Campbellville follow Guelph Line north of Highway 401 to No.10 Side road, west on No.10 to Twiss Road also called Nassegaweya 2nd Line, and go north to the park entrance.



Conservation Hamilton

Contact 905.525.2181

Fifty Point Conservation Area– Anglers will love the variety of fishing opportunities at Fifty Point. Fish for salmon in Lake Ontario or catch rainbow trout and bass in the conservation area’s stocked pond. Fishing is free with park admission. Salmon charters are available.

Address: 1479 Baseline Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Call 905.525.2187 for more information. Location: Baseline Road, northeast of the Fifty Road/QEW interchange in Stoney Creek.

Christie Lake Conservation Area– Christie Lake’s nine ponds are stocked with rainbow trout from the last Saturday in April to early July, but you can fish well into September. All ponds are a short trip from the lake and Pond #8 is specially designed to be accessible to the physically handicapped. Fishing is free with park admission.

Address: 1000 Highway 5 West, Dundas, Ontario.  Call 905.628.3060 for more information. Location: on Highway 5, west of Highway 6 – only minutes away from Hamilton, Burlington and Cambridge.

Valens Conservation Area – Located near Cambridge in the headwaters of Spencer Creek, this is a 300-hectare paradise for outdoor lovers. Beneath the surface of a pristine lake is a healthy underwater world populated by huge northern pike, largemouth bass, catfish and panfish. The lake can be fished from the last Saturday in June until March 31st. Fishing is free with park admission. Canoe, rowboat and ice hut rentals are available. Bait can also be purchased. John Burns Memorial Fishing Derby, on the second Saturday in July.

Address: 1691 Regional Road 97, Cambridge, Ontario.  Call 905.525.2183 for more information. Location: Regional Road 97, west of Highway 6, and only minutes away from Hamilton, Burlington and Cambridge

The western basin of Lake Ontario from the mouth of the Niagara River to Whitby is a world-class location to catch trophy Chinook Salmon.  It is not unusual for anglers to catch 25-30 lb fish in this area.  In addition to Chinook salmon, the lake also features Coho Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), Carp and Bass.  The lake has a maximum depth of 244 m, and an average depth of 86 m.  Prime fishing times are from late May until late October.  Check fishing regulations for what is in season.  There are also a number of locations where you can fish from the shoreline along Lake Ontario including LaSalle Park Marina and the Canal at the Lift bridge.

Fishing Derbys

Fishing Charters/Pleasure Cruises


Ontario Parks

Bronte Creek Provincial Park Bronte Creek flows from the Niagara Escarpment to empty into Lake Ontario at Bronte Harbour in Oakville.  The river is also known as Twelve Mile Creek.  From Bronte Harbour upstream to Lowville, the lower reaches of Bronte Creek provide fishing opportunities for resident fish species such as smallmouth bass and migratory species such as rainbow trout, lake-run brown trout, Chinook salmon and white sucker. Special regulations, including permanent sanctuaries, seasonal sanctuaries and extended fall seasons apply to various sections of the lower reaches of Bronte Creek. Between Lowville and Progreston (Carlisle), Bronte Creek and its tributaries support a resident brook and brown trout fishery. Brook trout are native to the watershed while brown trout were introduced in the 1950s. Upstream of Progreston (Carlisle), Bronte Creek and its tributaries are relatively pristine and support resident brook trout. Brown trout were stocked in Bronte Creek upstream of Progreston in the 1950s and remnant populations of this species may still occur. Annual stocking of rainbow trout (average 50,000 fry and fingerlings) and chinook salmon (average 35,000 fry and fingerlings) is carried out by the Ministry of Natural Resources downstream of Lowville. Brown trout (average 13,000 fry and fingerlings) are usually stocked off Bronte Harbour.  Bronte Creek Provincial Park borders this creek north of the QEW.  See their webpage for more details about access, FAQ and fish species in the creek.

Park Address: 1219 Burloak Drive, Oakville, Ontario.  Call 905.827.6911 for more information. Location: Take the Q.E.W. to Burloak Drive (Exit 109).  Go North (away from Lake Ontario) for one km.  The park entrance will be on the right-hand side. 

Events:  Bronte Creek hands-on Work Days, Workshops, Trout Unlimited Canada on location


Source:  Fishing location information from the Conservation Halton and Conservation Hamilton fishing pages. Directions to locations from the Conservation Halton, Conservation Hamilton and Friends of Bronte Creek websites.

Fishing Resources

Find out about fishing resources in Burlington, Ontario including where you can obtain fishing licenses and bait.

Fishing Licenses

If you are a Canadian resident under 18 or over 65 you do not need a fishing license. For individuals over 18 years, or for international visitors, it is necessary to purchase both a fishing license AND an “outdoors card” (the only exception being that when the fishing license is valid for one day only, an outdoors card is not required).  We suggest you refer to the Ministry of Natural Resources website or call 1.800.667.1940 to determine what type of license and card you require, as well as the personal information required to obtain an ID.

To obtain a fishing license and outdoors card if you have NEVER owned an outdoors card: If you wish to begin fishing immediately, and would only like to purchase a one-day fishing license, you DO NOT need an outdoors card. These licenses may be purchased online at Service Ontario Centres, or retail outdoors/sporting shops, including:

  • Bill’s Live Bait and Tackle – 858 Upper James Street, Hamilton (905.388.5873)
  • Canadian Tire Burlington Fairview – 777 Guelph Line, Burlington (905.639.6711)
  • Canadian Tire Burlington North – 2070 Appleby Line, Burlington (905.335.8733)
  • Canadian Tire Hamilton Centre – Hamilton Centre Mall, Hamilton (905.549.1336)
  • Canadian Tire Hamilton Main – 304 Main Street East, Hamilton (905.528.8403)
  • Canadian Tire Stoney Creek – 686 Queenston Road, Stoney Creek (905.560.1601)
  • Fishing World Outdoor Center – 2411 Barton Street East, Hamilton (905.573.2288)
  • Sail – 2208 Industrial St, Burlington, (905) 592.0722
  • Tackle Shack – 26 Garfield Avenue South, Hamilton (905.549.6731)

During Ontario’s Family Fishing Week Canadian Residents do NOT need a fishing license to fish! All angling regulations still apply. Hamilton Harbour Fishing Derby held in August is a family friendly catch and release event, which also features other activities and programs.


Artificial Bait

  • Canadian Tire stores – artificial bait only – see above for locations

Live Bait


Fishing Partners

Fishing Partners

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